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Some pictures from Gallery Dzongri Goeche La. Click here to see this gallery. On the way to Kangchenjunga; 3rd highest peak and holy mountain.
Friendly faces at the market
Orchids flourish in the dense forests

Pictures Sikkim

Picturesque Sikkim

Sikkim lies tucked between Nepal and Bhutan in the eastern part of the Himalayas. The proximity of lush forests with orchids and the snow-clad giants of the Himalayas is what makes Sikkim stand out from other trekking areas.

Gallery Dzongri Goecha La

In West Sikkim one walks parallel to the border of Nepal towards Kangchenjunga and experiences the different vegetation zones. This gallery has pictures from Gangtok and the trek.        Go to Gallery Dzongri Goecha La (West Sikkim)

Gallery Zachu North Sikkim

In northern Sikkim one crosses the rainshadow and enjoys the barren landscape reminiscent of Tibet, and walks at the foot of hanging glaciers. This gallery also has pictures from south Sikkim and Darjeeling. Go to Gallery Zachu (North Sikkim)

Gallery North Sikkim Traverse

Pictures from another route in North Sikkim which starts in the eastern valley of Lachung, and cross over snowbound passes into the Lachen valley. From there up the fabled Zemu glacier with fine views of Kangchenjunga (part of the Green Lake trek), and over another pass in the Kishong valley with its dense forests and ancient monastery. Go to Gallery North Sikkim Traverse

Some pictures from Gallery Zachu North Sikkim. Click to see this gallery.
From the foot of Chombo we enjoy great views of the Kangchenjunga chain; here the south summit.
Steep flank of the Gyao Kang massiv.
At noon the thin ice crust breaks.